our Boat

Our vessel is a Reinke 10M“. „Reinke“ is a German designer who is known for robust and seaworthy designs. Normally only plans are sold for this boattyp. So an Austrian carpenter built our boat for 20 years (!!!). He welded the hull itself and designed the interior lovingly. 2010, our vessel has been watered for the first time. At this time she was called VAGABUND. Unfortunately, the builder could never really use the ship, because health problems prevented him.

In 2011, Rainer and Julia - also from Austria – bought the vessel. With just as much love they have made further modifications. They have named the ship on the name JURA (JUlia and RAiner). Their journey led through Croatia to Greece and back.

Since end of 2011, we are now the owner of this beautiful boat. We would have liked to keep the name “JURA”. But unfortunately that wasn’t possible because Geography names (Jura is a Swiss district and a Swiss mountain area) are reserved for merchant ships according to the Swiss Maritime Law. So we chose SOUND OF JURA, to have JURA still in it.